We’re getting the band together. And we want you in it. We want to be in your roster. Everything in your closet will be pushed aside for Band of Gold. Each piece is truly a sculpture, created to be the gold standard in athletic wear. A perfect blend of sophisticated aesthetics and high capacity performance. Meticulously designed and relentlessly tested in every modality of fitness, the true beauty of Band of Gold is how easily it transitions from the studio to the street. Not only is it the best performer in the gym, but it’s a stunner in the grocery store or the club. Toss on some heels.

Do your leggings pill? Band of Gold won’t. Got a washing machine full of mismatched bra inserts? Our come out if you want—but won’t come out in the wash. We are unrelenting in our creation of fabrics that feel like a second skin (with more coverage than our rivals). We are passionate about performance, function, & sophisticated beauty.

What is the Gold Standard? It’s listening to thousands of women and men. Attention to the most minute of details. Every. Stitch. Matters.

Once you go Gold you won’t go back.